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Rugged 3R Ranch

Boarding Fee's

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Boarding & Trainer's Fees
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       Monthly rates:

Large Barn Stall: $450.00
Small Barn Stall: $425.00
Big Out Stall: $400.00
Small Out Stall: $375.00
Dry Lot Pasture : $300.00
(Mare and Gelding sides)
Horses fed twice daily (midday feed available). We feed grass, alfalfa or a mix. 
Additional feeding is $25.00-$35.00
Graining/supplements $30.00
Blanketing $55.00

3 days per week: $35.00
2 days per week: $25.00
Trailer parking is free with board or $25.00 a month for non-boarders.
Horse transportation is $40.00 base rate per day, additional $1.00 per mile.                              

Overnighters welcomed: $25.00 per night, $35.00 with hay included. (electricity usage extra)
SHOT CLINICS:  We host seasonal shot & horse wellness clinics in the Spring and $$ on the farm call!